Dance Shorts

Simon Says

‘Simon Says’ was originally commissioned by Dance Shorts and toured to 12 theatre venues accross Wales in 2012-2013.

‘Simon Says….’  who leads, who obeys and how far does it go?  The two dancers play out the well-known game within an abstract changing landscape of different sized boxes and challenges, to find their connection and sense of home.

“Lisa and Dan come thoroughly recommended – they’re professional, well organised and consistantly presented their piece very effectively to diverse audiences. It’s fun, accessible as well as maintaining high performance standards.”

Emma Carlson – Dance Shorts/Dance Blast

Time For Tea

‘Time For Tea’ was originally funded by Arts Council for Wales, Conwy County Borough Council, Creu Cymru and Venue Cymru.

The show toured across schools, festival and theatre venues in 2014-2016.

‘Time For Tea’ – a fun and lively, action packed tea party where Alice and Hatter play out various rituals in preparation for their tea, but something is missing…

“I thought the show was fantastic! Funny, exciting, accessible and incredibly tight. I would definatly recommend it!”
Sophie Meadley, Walk The Plank / Festival No 6

Out Of The Bag

‘Out Of The Bag’ was originally commissioned by Venue Cymru for their TakepArt festival with additional funding from Creu Cymru.

‘Out Of The Bag – Folding, unfolding…inside out…upside down…charity begins at home…
A fast paced, high energy dance piece about 2 charity shop workers and what they get up to after hours…’