Dance On Film


By Lisa Spaull & Rob Spaull

The Other Side

By Lisa Spaull & Rob Spaull

The Inside Other

By Lisa Spaull, Lara Ward & Rob Spaull

These first 3 films were created in 2012/2013 within a specific set of boundaries.

We allow only half a day for filming, half a day for editing and half a day for music & production.

The films must be shot on highly portable, affordable devices such as an iPhone or GoPro HeroCam.

We have created these boundaries both for productivity and as an exercise in detaching ourselves from the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ dance film. We both believe that the inspiration and early movement material is highly valid in both it’s rawness and honesty as an art-form.

Lisa’s skills in improvisation and Rob’s exploratory approach to camera work and speed of editing have allowed these films to not just be completed within their 48 hour windows, but to stand as exciting and original pieces of film regardless.

We are both very interested in this approach to filmmaking and feel it is a valuable technique to develop many aspects of dance film creation in both our own careers and as a vehicle for others to explore.

Unseen Again

By Lisa Spaull & Rob Spaull


By Lisa Spaull & Rob Spaull


By Lisa Spaull & Rob Spaull

For Unseen Again, we returned to the site of the original Unseen film, 10 years later to produce a new interpretation.

Gwyllion and Perpetual were productions for the Blinc Digital Projection festival.